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NaturesCoin turns sustainability and climate action from a cost into a financial and social investment available to anyone. We connect technology and finance in visionary ways to create a more prosperous and environmentally sustainable world.

Nature Needs Investment, NaturesCoin is Nature’s currency

NaturesCoin is tackling one of our most urgent challenges: to make the world fairer, more prosperous and environmentally sustainable for everyone.

It operates as a network economy where people and companies who care can influence and invest in sustainable outcomes anywhere in the world.

Our guiding principles are the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These 17 goals cover natural assets, agriculture, health, energy, education, equality, economic self-sufficiency and all forms of community and sustainability.

The NaturesCoin Ecology Economy has 3 innovation pillars to support a better world:

Climate Action: A digital currency and exchange to reduce global carbon emissions by 20%

Sustainable Investment: A blockchain based managed fund for companies to turn socially responsible investment from a cost into a tradeable asset

Fairness and Equality: A Foundation that creates a digital currency to support women and girls’ education and empowerment in developing countries

This new virtual economy gives everyone the opportunity to change the world for the better.

Climate Action – our most urgent challenge

Did you know that up to 20% of CO2 emissions are caused by ploughing and tilling soils to grow the crops that feed us?

This is not sustainable. Farmers want to change. People want action.

Improving sustainability and tackling climate change has gone beyond Government. It is a global social movement.

NaturesCoin is launching the world’s most innovative recycling program to remove CO2 from the air and return it to the soil.

The NaturesCoin Soil Carbon Exchange is a global partnership of Farmers, People and Businesses. It gives access to high value Carbon Credits and will reduce atmospheric CO2 on a massive scale to combat climate change.

We make doing good profitable, sustainable and permanent.

Register today to find out how you can be part of the solution.

The change is happening, and you can be part of it

The change is happening, and you can be part of it

The change is happening, and you can be part of it

Natural Leadership

Our team consists of senior corporate leaders with decades of experience in private and public companies, NGO’s and Governments across the globe, with a proven track record of founding companies that went to IPO in Australia, the UK and USA.

We are supported by top global advisors in legal and financial management, sustainability, the environment, youth and indigenous peoples to help us drive capital to UN SDG projects around the globe.